Election Special Audience!

Hey everyone -

I'm psyched so many people are interested in coming to be in the studio audience for the Election Day Special I'm hosting on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network.

We're gonna keep it real simple -

1) First come first serve. Broadcast starts at noon. Studio is on 59th between 10th and 11th. Show up whenever!

2) If we happen to be at capacity audience-wise, which I don't think will happen - especially early in the day - you'll be held out in the waiting area and cycled in as other people leave.

Simple as that! It's gonna be a real fun time.



The Beautiful/Anonymous VOICE MAILBOX!

Hello Beautiful/Anonymous fans!

I'm really so happy that there's so much interest in this show! It means the world and I'm constantly flattered that people want to be on the show.

Now, any time we tweet out the number we get no joke hundreds if not thousands of calls. It's almost impossible to get through! (We even get people randomly calling the number when we're not even in the studio. It happens round the clock. So nuts! But so cool.)

So we're trying something new to see what it leads to with the podcast -

IF YOU WANT TO BE ON THE SHOW but don't want to do the random call lottery (which we will still do as well - I have too much fun with it!) here's how you can try - 

1) Call 802-39-BEAUT (which is 802-392-3288

2) Leave a voicemail telling us what you'd like to talk about if you ever get on the show someday. Try to keep it quick - a few sentences please! Less than a minute for sure.

3) Leave your email address and phone number in your message. That way if our producers want to set up a call they know how to get in touch! (I will not have this info, just the producers - that way we can retain the anonymity!)

Simple as that! No guarantees we'll use every message we get, but I think this will be a fun experiment that will help get some more people on to the show.



Manhattan Neighborhood Network Election Special!

I'm so happy to announce that I'm returning to my public access roots to serve as the anchor for the Manhattan Neighborhood Network's 2016 election coverage!

On Tuesday, November 8th, from noon-midnight I'll be hosting a totally live broadcast where we track which states are going red, which are going blue, who's picking up congressional gains, and all the other important world changing stuff that will be happening that day!

On top of that though, it's going to be a completely absurd comedy blowout featuring dozens of the best comedians in New York City. When the traditional news stations are stressing you out and you need to blow off steam with some absurdist escapism, flip on over to MNN (or MNN.org) and get all the news you need coupled with twelve straight hours of hastily planned and poorly executed comedy!

In 2012, I hosted a twelve hour election broadcast on MNN and started to lose my mind around hour three! I assume this  year will be ten times worse, since I'm generally older, less enthusiastic about life, and more exhausted on a daily basis!

I really hope you'll tune in and enjoy the most fringe comedy coverage of the 2016 election that you're going to find ANYWHERE.

I'll be hosting, and this show will feature a murderers row of some of the best and strangest and funniest comedians in New York City, including - 

Conner O'Malley

Tim Dillon

Jo Firestone

Shannon O'Neill

Maeve Higgins

Riley Soloner

Langan Kingsley

Andrew Tisher

Colin Burgess

Michael Kayne

Brett Davis

Connor Ratliff

Joe Rumrill

Fred Carlos

Lena Einbinder

Carmen Christopher

Charles Gould

Annie Donley

Clark Jones

Lorelei Ramirez

Gary Richardson

Ana Fabrega

Ray Kump

Kenny DeForest

James McCarthy

Noah Forman

Mary Houlihan

Joey Dundale

Dave Bluvband

Jackie Jennings

Prescott Gadd

Murf Meyer

Greg Dorris

JD Amato

Will Miles

Drennen Quinn

John Reynolds

Dru Johnston

Dan Licata




Career Suicide Off-Broadway!


I’m doing Career Suicide off-Broadway! I really hope you’ll come!

You can get tickets at the link below. If you come the first nine days, use the promo code Geth10 and you’ll get ten bucks off!

Just to get this out of the way, there’s been some nice press about the show. For example, The Guardian gave it four stars and said -

“… what is bleakly funny – and beautifully articulated by Gethard – is how broken we become, how far from dignity and capability we fall, when depression takes a grip.”

Sounds super funny, right? Don’t forget the “bleakly funny” part they put up top.

The Scotsman also gave it four stars and said -

“Chris Gethard is part of a new generation of comics that can lay all but their most troublesome problems on the line to greatly compelling and entertaining effect.”

And the Times of London also gave it four stars and said -

“… its openness and its vividness leave you with a happy hum of connection.”

Seriously I think you’ll enjoy it! Who doesn’t want a happy hum of connection once in a while?

This show is a real labor of love - I’ve been working on it for over two years. It’s stand up comedy, I promise, and I’ve worked hard to make it super funny. But it also happens to focus on my dealings with depression, suicide attempts, alcohol abuse, and my ups and downs in navigating the world of therapy.

I sincerely think it’s a really funny show, and also sometimes people seem to get something out of it. My priority is to be honest to my experience and to make jokes that are as funny as possible, but also if it makes some parents have an easier time dealing with their kid being messed up than my parents had with me I wouldn’t mind that either.

There’s a real superteam behind this project. This show is being presented by none other than Judd Apatow. Judd heard I was doing this show and reached out to me about it and for the past year and change has been giving me notes, encouragement, and advice. You can imagine how much this has shaped and improved the show.

Career Suicide is being directed by Kimberly Senior, which is BONKERS. She is WAY out of my league and honestly I’m not quite sure why she agreed to do this. She’s been working hands on with this thing and it has gotten so much better for it. If you’ve seen the show before, I promise, you haven’t seen it like this. She basically injected it with steroids - it’s funnier, more heartfelt, and better for her work on it. Kimberly directed a play called Disgraced that won a Pulitzer a few years back. She does tons of work at places like the Goodman and Steppenwolf and on Broadway. It’s such a godsend that she’s helping me out.

I’ve been working on this show so hard for years at places like Union Hall, UCB, and pop up shows in cities all over the U.S as well as a maniac boot camp run at the Edinburgh fringe festival where I did the show 26 nights in a row and worked on it every single day until it almost broke me. Its become its best version yet and I hope you’ll come witness it now.

This is kind of a huge step for me. I’ve always been an underground guy trying to be honest and do work that I believe in. I’ve always been on the fringe and this is a big step to the mainstream for me, but I honestly think it’s less about me going legit and more about maybe the world at large being a little bit more ready to have this conversation.

I truly hope you’ll come out and support. Whether you’ve had my back for years - in which case this is a big celebration - or if you’re a new fan via Beautiful/Anonymous and want to see a different format for me to be all heartfelt like I get on that podcast, or just discovering me because of the word spreading about this particular show, it would be a huge honor to have you attend.


Chris Gethard