The Beautiful/Anonymous VOICE MAILBOX!

Hello Beautiful/Anonymous fans!

I'm really so happy that there's so much interest in this show! It means the world and I'm constantly flattered that people want to be on the show.

Now, any time we tweet out the number we get no joke hundreds if not thousands of calls. It's almost impossible to get through! (We even get people randomly calling the number when we're not even in the studio. It happens round the clock. So nuts! But so cool.)

So we're trying something new to see what it leads to with the podcast -

IF YOU WANT TO BE ON THE SHOW but don't want to do the random call lottery (which we will still do as well - I have too much fun with it!) here's how you can try - 

1) Call 802-39-BEAUT (which is 802-392-3288

2) Leave a voicemail telling us what you'd like to talk about if you ever get on the show someday. Try to keep it quick - a few sentences please! Less than a minute for sure.

3) Leave your email address and phone number in your message. That way if our producers want to set up a call they know how to get in touch! (I will not have this info, just the producers - that way we can retain the anonymity!)

Simple as that! No guarantees we'll use every message we get, but I think this will be a fun experiment that will help get some more people on to the show.