The Last Living Comedian in New York City

Vulture asked me to write a piece for them about why I stay in NYC even though all logic points to LA.

A very simple formula

I somehow wrote a thing for the NY Times even though I’m an Irish Catholic dirtbag from New Jersey.

learning about humanity on public transportation

I wrote this thing about terrible experiences I’ve had on NYC’s trains, and for some reason The Atlantic named it one of the best pieces of journalism in 2013.


Why I Quit Drinking

This one is less emo and more funny I hope? Drinking stories.

A few years back a fan wrote me a letter saying s/he was suicidal. I wrote a response and it became a thing I’m known for.

I don’t like those Men’s Rights guys and I don’t like when maniacs shoot people.

I wrote this piece about the nature of success and failure and being an artist.

If you wanna see a picture of me looking really sad, you’re in luck!